Sunday, May 29, 2011

Re: Twitter and Wikispaces

A few days ago I tried setting up a Wikispace.  It did not work.  Actually, I have been trying out lots of so-called "new literacies" which is the basis for the class I am taking.  I don't want to be a Luddite.  I really have no aversion to new literacies or new technoligies as some might call them.  I do want to know how to use them.  That is the first step.  And often times just reading about them saying click there...down there....does not help when you are trying to learn something new basically on your own.  I think I need to find my own "affinity space" an informal environment where groups of people come together that share a common interest. 
The common interest here for most people would be how to use many of the online new literacies or the websites mentioned in our text but also in daily media or in casual conversation with friends or colleagues. The goal is to first find out how to use it yourself, then how to use in your classroom or professional endeavors, or to simply improve and reflect upon your own practice.
So, since I was not successful in setting up a WikiSpace...I decided to join Twitter and follow a colleagues dogs "tweets".  That was successful ...and good for many laughs.  I also came across an article in the New York Times ..."The Twitter Trap".  It is worth the is the link.

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